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December 15, 2001 Media files for images and some vid clips moved to another account in preparation for closing one site. Links should be properly connected.

December 9, 2001 Fiction files uploaded:
23 Leroy Street pt.1
Backlot, *The pts.1-2
Big Bang 04: Relativity pts.1a-4a
Chris And Toby Weigh In On Blair And Jim
Days Of the Year
Enigma Variations 01
Enigma Variations 02: Whispers
Enigma Variations 03: The Game
Enigma Variations 04: Unspoken Dreams
Enigma Variations 05: Pain Of Remembering
Holly Has Two Daddies
How Toby Fell pts.1-39
Let's Give Them Something To Talk About 01 pts.1-8c
On the Outside 01: Misconceptions
Seduced By the Light
Special Delivery

December 1, 2001 Fiction files uploaded:
Acid Test
Backlot, *The pt.1
Bridge Over Troubled Water
Gibraltar Revisited
Hardest Part, The* pts.1-3
How Toby Fell pts.1-38
Let's Give Them Something To Talk About 01 pts.1-8a
Lone Wolf Companion, *A
Poetic Justice
Siren Saga 20: Correspondences
Smut 05: Command
Story Of Us 01
Story Of Us 02: Bumps
Story Of Us 03: Decisions
Story Of Us 04: Conjugal
Story Of Us 05: Holding On
Story Of Us 06: San Francisco
Story Of Us 07: Baby
Story Of Us 08: Victoria
Story Of Us 09: At the Beach
Story Of Us 10: Last Trip
Threnody 04: First Interlude
Unintentional Surrender pts.1-8
What's In A Name pts.1-12

November 23, 2001 Other music vid added. PostAvalon site being converted to text-only. Fiction files uploaded:
Acceptance 01: Stages
Acceptance 02: Anger One
Avoiding the Light
Back Here
Back To the Middle
Bedtime Story
Behind the Badge pts.1-3
Big Bang 04: Relativity pts.1a-3b
Big Bang 05: Half Life
Born With the Right
Chances pts.1-7
Cold Desire
Deepest Roots, *The
Dirty Dice
Five Senses
Forgive And Forget
Gibraltar May Tumble
Happy Halloween
He Thinks He'll Keep Her
Hi, Society ch.03 pts.1a-2b
Honky Tonk Man
How Toby Fell pts.1-37b
I Just Called To Say I Love You
It Ain't Necessarily So
It Could Happen
It's Been Awhile
Let's Give Them Something To Talk About 01 pts.1-7b
Liminal Period
Line Of Fire
Lines In the Sand
Moment Of Peace
Night Tremors
Nine Tenths Of the Law pts.1a-12b
No Holding Back
Not As I Used To Be pts.1a-2a
Pass the Goddamn Cranberries
Psalm 27
Resurrection ch.02
Return, *The
Sight Unseen
Simple Truths
Tell Me
Though Hell Should Bar the Way
Tide, *The
Tit For Tat
To Tell A Tale
TS Grimoire Addendum
Wanna Bet
What Would You Trade?
Wicked Little Town

November 11, 2001 Episode page updated with more S5 titles listed. Music vid access has been reset to an 'email me' only basis and an additional vid was tied into the page.

November 4, 2001 The archive.nu copy of C5 received a partial site overhaul. Still more updates planned.

October 27, 2001 Even after explicitly stating to *not* redistribute them, I found the music vids located on another "fan's" site, so password access to the music vids is suspended for now. This reaction is based on getting some of the *worst* responses from other fans about having music vids online. I'll have to reevaluate what to do with the music vids at a later date.

October 20, 2001 Fiction files uploaded:
Balance (includes Fanatic)
Blues Poetry, *The
Changed (includes Reprieve)
Damaged Goods 05: Ray
Damaged Goods 11: Just Like My Old Man
Habit Forming
Haikus 1-3 (D)
Haikus 1-34 (C)
Let Me Catch Up (includes You And I)
Little Eternities
Loneliness (includes Tricks Of the Trade)
Matinee Idol (AKA Walk-On)
Over (includes Without You)
Oz... Near the End Of the Third Age
Paths That Cross pts.1-6b
Reflections In Blue
Siren Saga 18: Over the Rainbow
Siren Saga 19a: Errand Of Mercy
That Was Then
This Kiss
Three Strikes, You're Out
Tongue To Heart
Transcendental Blue
Twist Of Fate pts.1-23
Unintentional Surrender pts.1-7

September 30, 2001 New music vid added to Stuff and Episodes page actually has all titles listed. A little bit better.

September 16, 2001 Fiction files uploaded:
All In A Day's Work
Any Day Now
As It Should Have Been
Autumn Of the Year, *The
Back To Earth (Echos)
Before It's Too Late
Between the Lines
Big Bang 03: Fusion
Blood Letting
Born Again For the First Time
Capable Of Anything
Chase All the Clouds From the Sky
Chris Figures It Out
Conflict Resolution
Cuts Like A Knife
Dangerous Blue
Dearly Beloved
Death Be Not Proud
Deja Vu All Over
Deliberate Acts
Dream A Little Dream
Every Moment
Everything Made Right
Faerie Tale pts.1-8b
First Cut Is the Deepest
First Steps
First Time For Everything Vignettes 04: Scars
Forever Winter
Free Fall
Hi, Society ch.03 pts.1a-2a
How Toby Fell pts.1-20c
I Know Thee
If You Can't Stand the Heat pts.0-4e
Imprisoned In the Soul
In A Pinch
Invisible Conversation
It's A Living pts.1-5
It's Me Baby, Is That You
Judgment Day
Last Goodbyes
Light In Your Eyes
Mass Destruction
May the Lord Watch
Mercy Please
My Man
Naked Before Me
Nine Tenths Of the Law pts.1a-10b
Not As I Used To Be pts.1a-1b
Now And Then pts.0-5c
One Voice
Paradise pts.1-2
Pas De Deux
Pizza Man
Pleasures Of the Flesh
Question Of Trust, *A
Reflection In An Empty Glass
Robbing Atlantis
Rough Trade 04: Love Of My Life
Rough Trade 05: Back On the Rack
Round About
Scenes From A Romance
Second Sight
Short Fuse
Smut 04: Steam
Suicide's Complaint
Summer In the City pts.1-7a
Survive the Light
Sweet Captivity
Sweet Dreams Baby
Threnody 01: Loveless
Threnody 02: Emptiness
Threnody 03: Sleepless
Truth Of the Matter
Truth Will Out
Violence Before the Storm
What I Fear
What It Is
What Remains
When I Was Twenty-One
When It's Time To Turn the Page
Whisper In Moonlight

July 31, 2001 Stuff section updated with some addition/revisions to music vids.

July 27, 2001 Some files being relocated because of recent problems with one server's processor.

July 23, 2001 Fiction files uploaded:
Admiralty pts.1-2b
Advocacy 12: Back To OZ pts.1-2
Advocacy 13: Afternoon Delight
All Powerful Writeur, *The (or RyanGloriaFans)
Back 01: Fish Gotta Swim...
Back 02: Toby Has A Visitor
Back 03: Keller Shows Up the Next Day
Back 04: Because It Isn't Raining Rain You Know
Back 05: Our Lovers Are Reunited At Last
Blood Out Of A Stone
Blown Away pts.1-3
Can Anybody Play?
Chances pts.1-5b
Combined Voice
Confession In Five Voices
Crapshooter's Dance, *The pts.1-4
Damaged Goods: Road Unraveling
Darkness And Light pts.1-8
Desperate Intent
Desperately Seeking Rebadow pts.1-13
Don't Ever Leave Again
Everything He Is I Am
Everything's Better When Wet
Faerie Tale pts.1-7b
Fall To Grace
First Day
First Time For Everything
First Time For Everything Vignettes 01: Admission
First Time For Everything Vignettes 02: Recriminations
First Time For Everything Vignettes 03: Confession
Food For Thought
Good Enough
Gravity pt.1
Hi, Society ch.02
Hi, Society ch.03 pts.1a-1b
Home For the Holidaze pts.1a-2a
Hours And Days
How Toby Fell pts.1-18b
I Love You
If You Asked Me To pts.1-7
If You Can't Stand the Heat pts.0-4c
In My Dreams
In the Midst Of Life
It Was Kind Of Like That
It's A Living pts.1-4
Jackpot Question, *The pt.1
Learning the Truth pt.1
Night Baby
Night Time Is the Right Time
Nine Tenths Of the Law pts.1a-9b
Now And Then pts.0-5a
Other Woman, *The
Pillow Talk
Rainbow's End pts.1-11
Resurrection ch.01
Return, *The pt.1
Rough Trade 06: Closer To God
Rough Trade 07: Deep Water
Rough Trade 08: The Holiest Path
Rough Trade 09: At Last
Saga Of Chris And Toby, *The (Abbreviated)
Smut 01: Workout
Smut 02: Sunlight
Smut 03: Breakfast
Spaces In-Between
Storybook Story, *A pts.1-8b
Summer In the City pts.1-6b
Thinkin' It To Death
Two Of Hearts pts.1-5
Under the Rainbow: Home For Christmas
Way You Want It, *The
What Did You Picture?
What Now?
Whatever Happened To Saturday Night 01: Midnight Movie
Will, *The
You, Me, And the Wall

June 9, 2001 Stuff section revised to include the WTF pics and music vids. Some revisions to site navigation.

June 7, 2001 Multimedia section had half a dozen vid clips added, including linking a couple non-series interviews.

May 8, 2001 Fiction files uploaded:
Advocacy 11: Release
Advocacy 12: Back To OZ pt.1
All Apologies
And Cleave Only Unto Him
Been There, Done That pts.1-2
Blown Away pt.1
Crapshooter's Dance, *The pts.1-3
Damaged Goods Vignettes: Alone In the Dark
Damaged Goods Vignettes: Last Things
Darkness And Light pts.1-6
Deconstruction Of A Kiss
Desperately Seeking Rebadow pts.1-10b
Don't Say I Never Did Anything For You
Female Of the Species, *The
First Time For Everything pts.1-3b
Growing Pains
Hardest Part, The* pts.1-2b
Hi, Society ch.01
Hi, Society ch.02 pts.1-5a
I Wish
If You Can't Stand the Heat pts.0-3b
In the Midst Of Life pts. 0-6b
It's A Living pts.1-3
Last Good-bye
Lessons In LA
Let No Man Put Asunder pt.1
Life Is...
Life's Illusions pts.1-2a
Lord's Prayer, *The
Love, Gen
Male Bonding
Nine Tenths Of the Law pts.1a-1b
Now And Then pts.0-1
On the Stroke Of Midnight pts.1-2
Or In Heaven
OZ: The Next Generation
Price And the Prize, *The
Question Of Trust, *A
R 'n' R
Rainbow's End pts.1-8
Son And Heir ch.01
Stake, *The pts.1-7
Storybook Story, *A pts.1-2
These Arms Of Mine
Tiger By the Tail
Two Of Hearts pts.1-4
Two-Part Inventions On A Theme
Up To Cedar Junction
When A Man Loves A Man
Worth Waiting For

April 4, 2001 About 50 more images added to the multimedia section. Fiction files uploaded:
Advocacy 11: Release pts. 1-16
Backward Glance
Buried Secrets
Cause And Effect 08: Butcher's Bill
Cause And Effect 09: Redemption
Cause And Effect 10: Endings And Beginnings
Companion To Our Demons
Creatures Of the Wind
Damaged Goods: Tobias And the Angel
Dreams You Dare To Dream, *The
Faerie Tale pts.1-5
Flesh For Fantasy
Gift Horse
I Am Toby's Green Shirt
If These Walls Could Talk
In A Field Of Stone
In Between
In the Midst Of Life: Though the Heavens Fall
Indolent Zoilus
It'll Still Be Two Days pt.1
Look Ma - No Hands
Nature's Call
Never Let Go
One Nation, Under God...
Permanent Vacation
Roulette 01: White
Simon Says
Simple Wish, *A
Stake, *The pts.1-5
Two Of Hearts pts.1-2b
Visions 01: Between Things
Visions 02: Stone Cold
Visions 03: Another Time
Voices Linger
Waiting In the Dark
What Comes After
You Are My Sunshine

March 11, 2001 Multimedia section has grown to over 300+ files. More image and vid files were added. With the increase in size, dates have been included on the media files for user sorting under the custom listing option. Fiction files uploaded:
Advocacy 11: Release pts. 1-14
Ain't It Poetic
And They Say...
Another Day, Another Dollar
Beginning Of the End, *The
Blue Eyes
Branded pts.1-3
Christmas In OZ
Closed Connections
Faerie Tale pts.1-3
First Time For Everything pts.1-3a
Getting There
I Will Remember You
In the Midst Of Life pts. 0-4
Promise, *The
Toby's Hands
Trick Of the Light

March 5, 2001 Season 4.2 section for episode viewing has been updated with the lower version of 'Famous Last Words'.

March 2, 2001 Fiction files uploaded:
Cool Water
First Time For Everything pts.1-2
Hear Me
Keller's Turn
Moon River
Song Cycle 01: Rage
Song Cycle 02: Resignation
Song Cycle 03: Remembrance
Talking Of Michelangelo

February 25, 2001 Season 4.2 section for episode viewing has been updated with the lower version of 'Even the Score'. About 40 more image files added to the multimedia section.

February 21, 2001 Fiction files uploaded:
Can't Not
Cause And Effect 01: Deja Vu
Cause And Effect 02: Parallels
Cause And Effect 03: Reconnaissance
Cause And Effect 04: Surrender
Cause And Effect 05: Regrouping
Cause And Effect 06: Whirlwind
Cause And Effect 07: Battle Cry
Greater Love Hath No Man
See, It Was Like This...

February 18, 2001 Season 4.2 section for episode viewing has been updated with the lower version of 'Orpheus Descending'. Fiction files uploaded:
Advocacy 11: Release pts. 1-11
Change In Plans
Damaged Goods Vignettes: Visitation Rites
Dragon's Tale, *A pts. 1-8
Heat pts. 1-20
In the Midst Of Life pts. 0-3
Return To Innocence
Surprises pts. 1-9
TS CM OZ Departure Coping Guide, *The
Write To the Heart

February 11, 2001 Season 4.2 section for episode viewing has been updated with the lower version of 'Blizzard Of '01'.

February 10, 2001 About 80 more image files added to the multimedia section.

February 4, 2001 Season 4.2 section for episode viewing has been updated with the lower version of 'Cuts Like A Knife'. Fiction files uploaded:
Advocacy 09: Domesticity
Advocacy 10: Election 2004
Gone Away
Pandora's Box
Smallest Part, *The
Snapshots 01: New Year's Day

January 28, 2001 Season 4.2 section for episode viewing has been updated with the lower version of 'Revenge Is Sweet'.

January 27, 2001 Multimedia section has been updated with additional picture files. As with the vids, more are planned to be uploaded.

January 24, 2001 Season 4.2 section for episode viewing has been updated with the larger version of 'Conversions' and WTF has more pages added.

January 21, 2001 Season 4.2 section for episode viewing has been updated with 'Conversions'.

January 20, 2001 Fiction files uploaded:
Admiralty pt.1
After the Fall
Cleanliness Is Next To...
Could It Be Magic?
Dr. Feelgood (Love Is A Serious Business)
Good Thief, *The pts. 0-2
In Love Or War
Keller's First Time
Losing My Religion
Love Bites
Night Visions 01: Toby
Night Visions 02: Chris
Night Visions 03: That Was Then pts.0-1
Oz Blues, *The
Sometimes Bad Is Bad
Suspended Animation
Wishful Thinking pt.1

January 14, 2001 Whoa, first update for the year. Multimedia section has been updated. A season 4.2 section for episode viewing has also been created.

December 14, 2000 An offbeat section was added to C5, WTF.

December 10, 2000 Fiction files uploaded:
Lockdown 13: Four
Lockdown 14: Fourteen
No Matter What

December 4, 2000 Fiction files uploaded:
Better Man, *The
In the Midst Of Life pts. 0-2
Love Remembered

December 4, 2000 Site got a slight facelift. Some additional documentation on vid clips. Fiction files uploaded:
Damaged Goods 00: Series Intro
Damaged Goods 01: Chris
Damaged Goods 02: Bonnie
Damaged Goods 03: Tobias
Deconstructing Keller
Eyes Full Of Clouds

November 27, 2000 Fiction files uploaded:

November 25, 2000 Multimedia directory has about 150+megs more of vid clips which still need documenting. Fiction files uploaded:
Advocacy 03: Letters 1
Advocacy 04: Kids
Advocacy 05: Consequences
Advocacy 06: Recovery
Advocacy 07: Reconciliation
Advocacy 08: Carol
Damaged Goods: Harry And Matt
Damaged Goods: Holly
Damaged Goods: Ray And Tobias
Damaged Goods: Tobias And His Ghosts
Damaged Goods: Tobias And Matthew
Lockdown 01: One
Lockdown 02: Five
Lockdown 03: Thirteen
Lockdown 04: Ten
Lockdown 05: Seven
Lockdown 06: Two
Lockdown 07: Nine
Lockdown 08: Eleven
Lockdown 09: Six
Lockdown 10: Three
Lockdown 11: Twelve
Lockdown 12: Eight
Paradigm Shift 11: Yo, Keller...
Rough Trade 02: Sucker Love
Rough Trade 03: Born Under A Bad Sign
Thanks For the Memory

November 5, 2000 Update page created. Site got a slight facelift. Fiction files uploaded:
Advocacy 01
Advocacy 02: First Visit
Crick Crack
Paradigm Shift 10

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